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Minnesota Senate District 36 Republicans
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Republicans in Champlin, Brooklyn Park and Coon Rapids

This page will be undergoing maintenance and upgrades on an ongoing basis and will change randomly and be inaccessible at times.

This is the handout that will be given to people as they enter.

This is the Calendar Card and backside that will be given to people as they enter.

This is the room list for ARCC (Anoka Ramsey Community College). These are the Coon Rapids precincts

This is the room list for CPHS (Champlin Park High School). These are the Brooklyn Park precincts.

This is the room list for CPHS (Champlin Park High School). These are the Champlin precincts.

This is the training schedule. I hope you can make it!

This is a very brief summary of needed roles. This does not include Greeters.

This is the job description for the Temporary Acting Precinct Chair.

If you want to be a TAPC or make phone calls, we need you to agree to this.

SD36 MN GOP List Access Agreement

For the purposes of this Agreement, “The List” refers to any electronic or physical list of delegates, volunteers, caucus attendees and/or other personally identifying information developed through the efforts of SD36GOP volunteers, the Republican Party of Minnesota, and others regardless of data access interface. “The User” refers to any one accessing or using said list for any purpose.

This Agreement, made between The User and the Republican Committee of Minnesota Senate District 36 (hereafter “SD36GOP”), documents the understanding of the parties regarding access to The List.

The parties mutually acknowledge that access to The List requires a high degree of personal integrity and responsibility. Misuse may cause great harm both to the SD36GOP / Republican brand and to the individual(s) whose personally identifying information appears on The List.

This Agreement does not guarantee access to any portion of The List by any person, nor does it obligate SD36GOP to provide any particular level of access to The List. Access to The List is at the discretion of the SD36GOP Executive Committee, or in disputed cases, the SD36GOP Full Committee.

Access as used herein does not imply that an electronic copy of the entire list will be provided, but may take the form of partial lists, printed copies, or versions with certain data excluded.

Access to The List is granted ONLY for the purposes of advancing the goals of SD36GOP and by extension the goals of the Republican Party of Minnesota.

Before being granted access to The List, The user shall attest that they have the wisdom, integrity, discernment and intent to use The List appropriately, and agree with all terms herein. This affirmation can take the form of signing a physical copy of this Agreement or an email to the SD36GOP Chair or designee.

Specifically, The User will not use The List to enrich themselves personally or professionally; to slander or defame anyone; to solicit clients for any endeavor; to engage in any conduct prohibited by valid law; to foster or advocate for violence; to communicate in such manner or frequency as to annoy or harass; to initiate, continue, suggest or otherwise promote any sexual conduct; disseminate profane language; or to create or foment any situation likely to cause disunity or distrust within SD36GOP or otherwise harm the Republican brand in Minnesota.

The List may be used, and is intended to be used, to build party unity, support endorsed and/or recommended candidates, recruit volunteers for campaign and SD36GOP related events, and build strong interpersonal relationships with local Republicans to best achieve political and policy victories in the public square.

Selling or transferring The List to anyone else is prohibited.

Mass emails shall only be sent to targeted recipients which include only those residents in The User's designated territory. For example, a Precinct Chair may email their precinct, a house candidate may email their house distinct. Mass emails for any other purpose are prohibited, and any such requests must go through the Executive Committee and/or the Chair.

It is expected that The User, upon becoming aware of changes to any of the data, will expeditiously inform SD36GOP of same. This includes requests to be removed from The List.

Any fundraising activities must be done under the auspices of the campaign of an endorsed or recommended candidate, or SD36GOP itself.

Any conditions delineated by the Republican Party of Minnesota regarding permissible and impermissible uses of similar lists apply equally to this Agreement. Concerns or questions about use of The List should be brought to the SD36GOP Executive Committee, or to the Chair or Deputy Chair.

It is expressly understood that improper use of The List, which may extend beyond the terms of this Agreement, may result in sanctions within SD36GOP, and in egregious cases may involve legal action, both civil and criminal as appropriate.

This Agreement may be updated from time to time, with the current version in force kept on file at the SD36 Google site. The version at this link

is the controlling version, regardless of the version that The User agreed to. If any portion thereof is unacceptable to The User, The User agrees to immediately cease use of The List and destroy whatever copies they may have.

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