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Draft Caucus 2018 Documents
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MN SD36 GOP - Caucus 2018 Tools Page

Instructions for Secretaries for Caucuses (this is a work in progress)

Have attendees sign in using either the pre-printed caucus books (if in the book) or on the blank PCRC paper form.

IF attendee is in the book, have him update the information in the book. DON'T RUSH THIS! Then give a blank voting card and a calendar card and let him in the room.

IF attendee is NOT in the book, have him fill out the PCRC form. THEN, use the Google form (links below) to enter the information, verifying (spelling, etc.) as you go. THEN Then give a blank voting card and a calendar card and let him in the room.

IF it gets too busy to verify/enter information at the door, get just the name and give the registration version of the voting card. The attendee will need to complete this in the classroom before it will be accepted as a voting card.

Optional: once it slows down, enter the info from the registration cards into the Google form.
BP East Ward

BPE4A Google Form

BPE4O Google Form

BPE5 Google Form

BPE6A Google Form

BPE6O Google Form

BP Central & West

BPC5 Google Form

BPC6 Google Form

BPC7 Google Form

BPC8 Google Form

BPW6 Google Form


CH1-1 Google Form

CH2-1 Google Form

CH3-1 Google Form

CH4-1 Google Form

CR A Side

CR1-3 Google Form

CR1-4 Google Form

CR2-5 Google Form

CR4-1 Google Form

CR4-2 Google Form

CR4-3 Google Form

CR B Side

CR3-1 Google Form

CR3-2 Google Form

CR3-3 Google Form

CR4-4 Google Form