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Minnesota Senate District 36 Republicans
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Republicans in Champlin, Brooklyn Park and Coon Rapids

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If you want to volunteer A LITTLE, here are some of the basics that will be asked of you.
  1. Attend Caucuses - Obviously. February 6, 2018. Arrive by 6pm if possible.
    If you live in Coon Rapids we meet at ARCC (Anoka Ramsey Community College)
    in the Business/Nursing Wing. Park in Lot 2 and enter thru door 16.
    If you live in Brooklyn Park or Champlin, we meet at CPHS (Champlin Park High School).
    Park in the east lot and enter thru door E3.
  2. Get to a training session (see schedule below). It's helpful to have a sense of what others will be doing and how the night will go.
  3. Get set up on your device. For iPhone, iPad or Android, use the "Add To Home Screen" feature to add it as an icon. On a laptop, bookmark the page. Get yourself set up by going thru the registration process and familiarize yourself with its capabilities. We will cover this at training if you attend, but try to set it up ahead of time.
  4. Show up at caucuses (or training) with a check made out to "Senate District 36 GOP" in the amount of $50 ($100 for a couple). Also bring a self addressed envelope (to put the check in). We will use that envelope to send you a receipt and the PCR (Political Contribution Refund) paperwork to fill out and send to the State of MN for a full refund. (note: feel free to give more, but you can get reimbursed for only $50 ($100 for a couple).
  5. Bring an address label to caucuses to speed your own registration.
  6. Having CaucusNight set up on your device, spend some time functioning as a Greeter to help guide people to the right precinct/room. But even without it, you can assist with the greeter process.
If you want to Volunteer A Little, please send an email to jwbaumann [shift-2] linkedresources [dot] com and include the following information: